How To Conduct A Test Or Interview Via Online In 2022?

Online interviews provide you with more convenient options than ever before when it comes to selecting candidates, but they require slightly different techniques than their traditional counterparts. Whether you’re new to remote interviews or you’ve conducted them in the past, some tips and tricks will help you be as effective as possible with online interviews.

10 Tips for conducting a test or interview via online 2022

Here are our top 10 tips to help you conduct compelling online interviews in 2022.

1. Create an account on Elance

You can use Elance to hire experts from worldwide to proctor your online exams and create your test questions. Working with a remote invigilator has two key benefits:

2. Post your project and reach out

If you’re planning to conduct a web-based interview with international candidates, we recommend looking into the proctor exam. These timed exams allow for invigilation by remote locations and can give you a good indication of how each candidate performs under pressure. We often use them during recruitment processes at Hire Loop! You may also want to reach out to our office directly if you have any questions about conducting an online interview; we’d be happy to help out in any way possible.

3. Project Communication

Focus on making your project easy to understand and transparent while also providing regular updates. Make it clear to those involved in your project where you are about its completion. When you’re ready to start an online interview or exam, look for a website that can proctor exams or tests securely and hassle-free. The invigilator at these services is responsible for logging users into their systems—in some cases, multiple users at once—and monitoring them during test-taking periods. They may also be required to take screenshots of each user’s screen as they take their exam or quiz. Depending on how your school administers online exams, you might need to find one of these services if they don’t offer remote invigilation. You should always ensure that any service you use has secure connections, so there isn’t any risk of someone hacking into your system and interfering with your testing process.

4. Ask questions during interviews

Asking questions from the candidates in an online interview can really help you conduct a test or interview online in 2022. Because It is important to remember that remote invigilation isn’t just about having another pair of eyes watching your candidates while they perform tests. Ideally, you’ll also be asking them a series of questions to determine their skill levels. As with any interview, you should have a list of open-ended questions ready to ask in addition to any assessments you may wish to use as part of your evaluation process.

5. Question checklist

The interview is not just a question-answer session; it’s more than that. Before initiating, prepare a checklist of questions concerned with both tech-based and personal-based. Be polite while asking questions even if on getting zero answers. While preparing the list, some basic questions which help in judging the deftness of candidates are: –

6. Prefer the right technology

When it comes to virtual meetings, technology plays a crucial role. Hence, opt for the right webcam, audio equipment, surroundings, enough light in the room, etc. So that candidates don’t suffer.

Gadget quality plays an important role in fair conduct. Try to avoid products with complex features. The interviewer must be familiarized with the necessary equipment to be hassle-free in the meantime. Keep some set-up as a back-up plan in case of unexpected situations.

7. Cautious about timing

When it comes to the online test, candidates usually forget the time limit. To make up for this, this proctored exam is designed to give the best experience.

Candidates might be unfamiliar with your technical setup, even if they practice in advance. To overbear this, plan some extra time per candidate. Issue the technical instructions before the test to the candidates.

8. Password protected

With remote invigilation, candidates can take their exams at a place of their comfort zone. In this, passwords provided to candidates must be strong so that no one can log in to another’s id by just guessing. Alpha numerals passwords are strongly suggested. If possible, try to use a private site over public platforms like zoom, Duo, Skype, etc.

9. Look for solid body language

By mere videoconferencing, it is difficult to judge candidates’ whole personalities. But body language and eye contact are keys that can reveal most of the interview’s ability.

Take note of how the candidate is behaving in the question gap. Go for a panel of 4 to 5 experts, each examining from different perspectives.

10. Frame a strategy

The purpose of every question should be clear and related to the company or to the candidate. Avoid going for too personal questions and keep it professional. A situation reaction test can be taken to judge the aspirant’s ability in the coming days. While framing strategy, avoid tricky questions, as these can down morale of the aspiring candidates.


Remote invigilation is like a blessing to the present world after the pandemic. It saves recruiters’ time and is a frugal way to conduct tests globally in an easy way. The Online interview may seem a hassle and complicated initially, especially to non-tech-friendly personalities. To overcome any upcoming confusion, prepare demo tests or interviews.

Recruiters can go for recorded videos, so recorded clips would help get the right one in case of this or that. In this article, you are provided with some of the top tips to conduct online tests or interviews; go through those and be effective while recruiting.

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