The apps on your smartphone are what determine its usefulness. Of course, other features are also important to have in a high-quality smartphone. Things like internet connectivity, cameras, or file storage are equally important, but if you have the right apps, you can do more than you think. With accurate apps, your smartphone will give you a good value for your money.

Rapid technological progress affects all areas of our lives, particularly our standard of living. The introduction of technology into routine tasks has greatly increased the convenience for people. One such advancement and fast-growing technology is smart home automation, which has proven to be one of the trendiest developments ever.

The smart homes featured in old shows and movies are now a reality, majorly due to our phones. With ever-improving technology, our streamlined devices can be connected to almost anything in the home. Smart features and gadgets can provide increased security, help save energy and improve task speed. While all this does not require any professional help or monetary resources, you will need a good internet connection. Cox is a prominent brand and is often endorsed by many happy customers. Cox communications plans and packages are diverse, and that too at economical rates. Moreover, they allow you to tailor a package if you do not find any that suit your needs. With a strong internet, you can easily move towards a smart way of living.

We are living in a time when household appliances are being developed into smart technology daily. This entails they have more controlling computer chips housed in their bodies and can communicate together and with their smartphone through a Wi-Fi connection. Let us see how we can make use of our devices to control our homes.

What is smart home automation?

Home automation can be explained as the automation of the ability to control home electronic devices. Recently, the home environment has become more and more familiar with network devices, which has made such a system necessary.

Smart home automation technology is the system used to systematize your homes. With the smart home automation process, you control every aspect of your home through the IoT (Internet of Things).

Over time, smart home automation technology has grown and its potential has not dried up. It can be used in a variety of ways, for example, you can use it to control devices, control your home’s security, or even make use as your assistant, etc. Smart home automation has become the highest growing technology worldwide, embedded in the creation of thermostats and gradually taking over connectivity throughout the home. Read on to find out how the device-smartphone dynamic works.

Home automation using smartphones

It is difficult to explain how home automation works as there is no commonly recognized procedure. The technology differs depending on the country, company, and type of automation. Since the home automation market is very profitable and dynamic, companies are often reluctant to take on new developments. However, there are a few common systems that you can link to your smartphone:

1. Security system

Consider the housesecurity systems that were first released, in which the control panel would be tactically located near the main bedroom or garage door. With the advent of computing on mobile, you can now make do without the control panel and sequencethings with the help of your phone. You can also get instant notifications for any bug or forced access requests.

If you have the latest digital key technology such asLockitron, you can bolt, unlock, or send time-based digital keys to friends or family, from an app on your phone when they need to enter your home. This does not only make life less stressful, but it also saves you from having to hand over your house key to your neighbor just so they can take care of your pet. All you have to do is give him a smart key or open the locks virtually, which only gives access during the period you set and locks your house when the time is up.

2. Cameras

Having a movement monitoring system in your home is betterthan television. There are smart apps on the market combined with small yet good-qualitycameras for security that let you see everyone in your home. These cameras do not record everything; they just wait for the movement to be spotted and then turn on. It can let you know on your phone that it is on and you can be anyplace in the world and still check live images of your house.You can also set up settings for security with your phone, and by pairing it with some other home computerization systems, you can have complete virtual control from your smartphone.

3. Lighting

Many companies make smart bulbs that make it easy to regulate all the lights in your home with your phone. This is very useful if you do not want to switch to new bulbs or switches. Just use these smart lights and you can alter their color makes them dim or bright, and of course, turn them off or on, just with a tap on your phone.

4. Pet- feeders

If you have pets but are very busy and do not always, find the time to stay at home at a set feeding time.There are several apps on the market that you can download that provide visual validation with a remote camera and food machine. Pintofeed, for example, is one of the few new machines to use this amazing new technology.


Smartphones are fast becoming all-inclusive devices that can turn your home into a fully manageable smart home. The systems mentioned above are just a glimpse of the revolutionary home automation technologies that can be used to secure your home right from your smartphone.

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