The cost of a video depends on your wishes and goals. You can announce the finished amount after filling out the brief and terms of reference. There are times when a customer comes with a fixed budget, then we build production based on financial constraints for explainer video costs.

But first, the theory: an explanatory video, also known as an explainer, is a video that simply talks about the complex. If you have a technically complex product or service that cannot be described in a nutshell, the best way would be a video that explains in detail and engagingly to your audience how your product or service works.

Explainer Video

You can order an explanatory video or explainer by calling the phones on the website page, we will advise you in detail and select the optimal solution for your problem.

You’ve probably heard a lot about animated tutorial videos. You probably already know how effective these videos are in attracting new customers.

Should I make an animated explanatory video?

One hundred percent yes! According to a recent survey, over 80% of marketers believe animated expert videos can help attract new leads and encourage people to spend more time browsing the website.

What’s more, almost 70% of shoppers say they usually get to know a new product or brand by watching a video presentation. Sounds attractive, doesn’t it?

Steps to create an animated explanatory video

In fact, there are several video editors available on the Play Market or App Store. If you are willing to put in the time, effort, and energy, you are able to create such a video yourself. Although, if you are not ready to cope with all the difficulties and complex problems on your own, or simply cannot devote a lot of time to it, then you can get an explanatory video. All in all, we have prepared a list of steps you should go through to get a good animated explainer video.

Before you get down to business, make sure you know exactly what your future product should look like. Choose a video style, purpose, and timing. It’s a good idea to find your potential rivals and watch their videos. This will help you create a unique product to attract customers. Remember, the more creative you are, the more useful this animated instructional video will be for you.

Text is an integral part of your future video! Make sure the script provides the most important information about your product or brand. It should be short but informative. It is recommended that you read the script aloud to see if it is the timeframe.

Voice recording

If you have hired a team that is engaged in animation corporate video production, you will be presented with a selection of actors to choose the best voice for your video. If you do it yourself, things get a little more complicated. You can ask someone for help or just record your voice and get more info. Make sure you sound natural and interesting. The voice should not be monotonous and indifferent. Prepare high-quality microphone and recording software and record perfect sound.

Explainer Video

Collect all required components

This step can take a really long time, although it is very important! Look for engaging graphics, sounds, screenshots, and other essential resources. Make sure all the ingredients work well together!

After all the materials are selected, you can start combining them. By using the tutorials to understand how to use a particular editor, you will definitely be able to create your own animated explainer video. After your video is ready, share it with colleagues or friends for feedback. If they like your job, we congratulate you! If not, keep working and improving.

Share your animated explanatory video with the whole world!

This step is the most enjoyable! This is the moment when you can share your video anywhere. It could be some kind of personal site or a popular platform like YouTube. I think that by the end of the video creation process, you will know exactly where you want to share it. After everything is done, you can simply enjoy your masterpiece and wait for positive reviews from buyers.

By following these steps, you will have the product of your dreams, but remember that hard work, perseverance, and creativity are the main determinants of your success!

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