How Can I Learn English for Work?

If there’s one skill around that can be called relatively universal, that skill is having command over the language of English, if not that it’s important to at least have basic English speaking skills. Why you may ask; well, the answer is simple.

English is called international English, the reason behind this is primarily historical. And because the British ruled the world for years their language has spread all over the world and is now considered the most powerful language worldwide. So consequently, English became the International language.

Proficiency in English is perhaps the most common skill in the professional field and this department is called Business English. It emphasizes correct, flawless, professional style English for negotiating, interacting, business writing, sharing opinions, and expressing yourself properly.

But Business English is a complicated sector and it’s important to master it properly for your career. So today we brought you the ways for you to learn English for work.

1. Set Your Goals

Every language out there, they are undoubtedly hard to learn and master and English is a fairly complicated language. And it’s not surprising that business language is also hard to master plus there are sub-sectors to it. So what you need to do is to get your goals straight.

Pick one or two specific parts of it to begin it and then eventually lean forward to get to the more difficult parts. This way it’s a little work at a time and fewer hurdles to overcome. Eventually, you are gonna be a pro at Business English without even realizing it!

2. Develop the Habit of Practicing

“Practice makes a man perfect”- you must have heard this phrase. And this phrase speaks words of wisdom. Whatever you’re learning, trying to achieve, or trying to master you will never be able to get to that place without regular practicing. Learning English is no exception, either.

You must develop the habit of practicing English regularly.

Watch movies (with or without subtitles), watch videos on improving your skills, read books and newspapers in English, listen to songs (the fun fact is some songs help learn English), and engage in more real-life conversations, preferably with your coworkers. These habits will improve your English.

3. Keep Check of Your Vocabulary

Vocabulary is the heart of a language, and you must know this key component when learning a language. In this case, English vocabulary is particularly hard to master due to the complicated and multiple meanings of one word, and consequently, it’s hard to memorize it accurately.

So when learning  Business English, you must focus on improving your vocabulary which is different from the usual English vocab, and practice the newly learned words regularly. Besides, emphasis on the more commonly used words and phrases and learning the proper way of using them. But remember not to be too hard on yourself.

4. The Internet is Here to Help

Answer this question: Is there just anything that you can’t find on the internet? The answer is no. Learning English for work is no exception either. There are many amazing courses that you can find for learning English Online . These are customizable, affordable, and effective.

The British Council, FluentU, AmazingTalker, Udemy, Coursera, etc. provide you with courses according to your requirements, these are fast and efficient, a perfect match for our busy lives.

Besides, there are blogs and Youtube channels to help you out. Blogs like Grammar Girl, The Londener. And Youtube channels like Learn English with Mr. Duncan and BBC Youtube.

5. Have Faith in Yourself

Okay forget about everything we just discussed, these are the most important part of your English learning adventure. Because regardless of the courses you take, the tutors you learn from, and your hours of practice without believing in yourself, in your ability, all of that is gonna go in vain.

Learners who believe in the concept of self-efficacy are more likely to become better implementers in the future. Your skills and your potential is reflected in your confidence and without it, you won’t be able to shine.

When or if you feel everything feels just too much for you, sit down, take a break and start again, you will get to it eventually.


We hope that you have a good time learning business English and implementing it in your professional life. It’s a hard and daunting course for sure but we believe you can do it and we know you will do it.

So take a deep breath and get started. Your amazing career awaits you. Thanks for reading our article, and good luck.

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