What is more frustrating than a debt collector company calling you for money? For most people, this can be uncomfortable and devastating. But why do you get these calls? A debt collector may try to contact people maybe because of the due debts, locate someone you know, or a debt buyer bought the debt.

You may be unfamiliar with debt buyers. These companies buy debt from creditors. Commonly, these debts are purchased with a discount. An example of debt buyers is collection agencies or private debt collectors. These companies will now be the ones collecting the debt or through hiring and collecting agencies.

Companies like LVNV Funding LLC buys charge-off accounts. It may be confusing to see an account with a “charge-off” status. This means that the account is closed for future use. However, one must remember that the debt is still owed. These old debts can affect your future transactions. Here, we provide information about LVNV Funding and how to deal with them.

Who is LVNV Funding LLC?

As mentioned above, LVNV Funding LLC is a debt purchasing agency. You may wonder why LVNV Funding is in your credit report. They may appear in your report as lvnv, lvnvfundg, lvnv collections, or you can learn more here. As they purchase old debts from companies, portfolios may also be included.

These portfolios can include your name, contact number, account number, debt amount, and addresses. This information can be used so LVNV Funding can pursue you with your old debts. The portfolio has the essential information for an organization to approach you for money. Furthermore, it can also include dates and recent payment histories.

How To Deal With LVNV Funding LLC

Answering their letters with a certified letter is a crucial step in handling LVNV. The requested debt validation will take up to 30 days. Within 30 days, the collection efforts of the company must be halted. The ask for deletion is applicable when the company fails to provide debt validation to you.

LVNV Funding LLC will surely do and find a way to contact the consumer. They may target and find the easiest path to consumers who do the least or completely do nothing. Thus, understanding what you can do to counter the company’s effort to collect is essential. We will further discuss ways you can do to handle similar situations.

Can LVNV File a Lawsuit Against Me?

Typically, LVNV Funding LLC will file a lawsuit against you. How will they do it? LVNV may pursue those even with seven years or older debts. That is because the company owns the debt while you owe it. They will file a lawsuit when one does not take note of such court summons. In addition, they are also in the hope that they send the wrong address to the server.

There are possibilities that the company will sue you for the debt and will send you a court summon. What are the things you can do? Again, file a debt validation letter or ask help from Better Business Bureau for debt validation efforts. Another thing you can do is to communicate to your original credit for debt validations.

Once the original creditor validates that you have fully paid your debt or when LVNV crosses the line, you can take further action. Furthermore, you should also know your rights provided by the FDCPA or the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The knowledge about your rights can help you protect yourself from unwanted harassment you may experience with LVNV Funding LLC.

Know More About Your Rights

One of the collector’s tactics is to communicate with you. People commonly call these robocalls. Robocalls are automated telephone calls with recorded messages. These calls can indeed be annoying most of the time. As mentioned above, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) provides you the protection you may need from these collection agencies.

Through FDCPA, LVNV is not allowed to call consumers earlier than 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m. They are also not allowed to make any calls in your place of employment. They can do it, but not unless you instruct them to do so. Furthermore, they are not allowed to call you directly nor bypass your attorney. Most significantly, LVNV should not make any threats or use harassing language.

You have the right to stop receiving these calls. What can I do? You can write a formal letter. The letter contains instructions for LVNV Funding LLC to cease these types of phone calls. Instead, you can demand that all communication is done through physical written mails. One can sue them if they continue to contact the consumer or its client.


We must know our rights for our protection. Remember that calling a collection agency like LVNV Funding LLC is never a good idea. Furthermore, a verbal agreement, mainly discussed over the phone is not legal. A written and signed agreement is needed. Lastly, always find a way to confirm if the debt is yours before going to any payment agreement or arrangement.

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