What does the term Free-to-Play mean in Video Games?

What does the term Free-to-Play mean in Video Games?

In the last decade in the video games industry. It has popularized the concept of free-to-play. Because such securities have attracted an enormous part of the market, so then we tell you what this term means now. It seems so essential. The term free-to-play refers to all those games that the developer offers for free and can remain played.

Video game creators decide to acquire this business model hoping that users will become so hooked on the game that they choose to access its advanced services. Let’s remember that you usually only have free access to the game’s essential functions in free-to-play titles. If you want complementary elements or additional content, it is most likely that you have to pay for it.

These games often create a significant competitive experience for players, which is why the latter remain often tempted to purchase items that have a cost. In this way, the developers offer interesting and impressive edition content for a price lower than what would have been paid for a full version of the game, thus ending up being profitable for the creators.

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Free-to-Play or Pay-to-Win?

There are free-to-play games that are often very controversial due to the advantages they give to players who pay for additional content. It occurs regularly in online multiplayer, where the competitive level is usually relatively high. Sometimes, when players invest and acquire some extra element that has a cost within the game (for example, weapons or ammunition), they obtain an advantage over the rest of the participants.

The fun usually stops for some players who are not willing to spend real money in the game. So it is not always the best player who wins the game, but the one who can afford it. There is a vast variety of free-to-play games in the industry, standing out especially in the mobile and tablet market. With titles such as Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, or Angry Birds. In addition to a multiplayer shooter where deliveries such as Fortnite, PUBG or Free Fire stand out, and PC icons such as League of Legends.

It is also becoming common for Triple-A games to start betting on this scheme in some of its sections. That is, do not charge an additional cost to the video game’s price for competitive units. Halo Infinite gave a clear example of this with its most recent announcement of the online multiplayer free-to-play.

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