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How to Find a Person Online and Where to Look

Finding a person online is not only free, but it is also relatively easy. Most users make the big mistake of limiting themselves to Google to do a simple search with first and last names; And yes, Google can give us impressive results and information, but not everything is there. There are a series of services. They are not precisely standard social networks, which remain specifically design to find people on the Internet if we are looking for someone specific.

Although years ago it was customary to use the famous telephone directory, the truth is that it is something that is already in disuse. Formerly, the only communication method that we used was the landline. Therefore, as soon as a new line registered was appeared in the telephone directory. In this way, if we wanted to locate someone, it was best to use that many guides, depending on the location, to find their phone number and locate that person. Of course, we had to know his last name to be able to identify him more easily.

Using time, this has changed, and today many do not have a landline phone. The phone book has disappeared, leaving only the white pages and yellow pages in use, and the best way to find someone is through the Internet, for which there are different ways or services.

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How do ‘People Finders’ Work?

The key to this type of service is that the people registered in the database obtained more than other benefits. To put it in some way, they are a ‘Google of people.’ They take information from public profiles on social networks of all kinds. From Facebook to LinkedIn, through Twitter. And other services. All this is collected by these types of search engines to provide us with the maximum possible amount of information. Thus, if we need it, it will be easier for us to find contact information. And other information of interest – about practically anyone.

The effectiveness of this type of service varies depending on the size of your database. Some of these services, all designed specifically to find people online, are limited to other countries. However, the most important and largest allow us to search for people from all over the world. And in any case, the key will be that we know about that person their first and last name and, to reduce inaccuracies, also the person’s approximate location.

So you can Locate Someone Online


Pipl is possibly the most essential people search engine in the world. The reason is as simple as, to be sure, it has an extraordinary and immense database with information from people from all over the world. At the time of writing, Pipl has registered more than 3.2 billion individuals from information from all social networks. And among other vital aspects of this utility is that we can search for a person through an email address, a username, or a telephone number and, of course, also by his name and surname.

White Pages

Now the past, if we wanted to find information about a business, where did we look? Yes, in the Yellow Pages. Also, that has not gone out of style because there is still an online version of the Yellow Pages that. As you can imagine, is updated much more frequently than the physical format. Now, these Yellow Pages design to find businesses throughout Spain, yet we also have the White Pages, which are actually for finding people.

The White Pages should not be our first resource because their database lags far behind other people search for services. In any case, it is an excellent complement to find someone online if we know information. Such as their name, their two surnames, and their province. To complement other services or to have an additional source of information, the White Pages in its online version can help in this type of situation.


If Pipl is a tool to find people online, WebMii is also, but with a particularity, you will find people you know. It remains not about being popular but about being a celebrity, an artist, a head of state, etc. We can write the name in a simple search engine and see how specific profiles suggest as we are writing it. When we access any of them, we will see a particular page with all possible public information. From images to biography, direct access to their profiles on social networks, and other similar shapes.

It is not a service that will help us find our neighbor, for example, unless it is a recognized person. However, it is a service focused on finding people and seeing them – or them – as much information as possible. And once again, this is an entirely free service that we can use unlimitedly, regardless of the number of searches we want to carry out.


This service is not only to ‘find people,’ but rather to find people for something in particular. Therefore, the service is actually at odds with three different search engines. We can search for people by their work focus or register ourselves, offering ourselves some work question. On the other hand, we also have a third search engine. Now, we can put a name and surname, or even a nickname, to find general information about a person is available on the Internet and, of course, in their database. Data.

Find People Online through Social Media

The above, especially Pipl, are services specifically designed to search for people online directly and quickly. And Pipl is the most interesting because it allows us to find people of all kinds and from all over the world. Simultaneously, the White Pages focus exclusively on the national territory, and WebMii is only to find people ‘recognized’. We also have other aids such as Google, which we will talk about at the end of this article, and other services.

Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

Social networks have a search engine. In the case of Facebook, a priori, all users register by their name and surname, and we can also establish a location filter to focus our search and narrow down results. Therefore, knowing the name and surname of someone and their location. If they have a profile on the social network, we can find ourselves in a relatively simple way.

If the person has his real name and surname configured in the case of Twitter. The search engine will also help us find that person, the same as happens on Instagram. If they have a username that differs from their name, and even if it is not by much, we will start to have problems.

In that case, we can search for people online through social networks from their circle of friends. If we know a friend or family member who may have that person among their friends, followed, or followers, we can try to find that person from another. Of course, it will depend on how they have configured their profiles’ privacy. Since they may let us see that information.

How to use Google to Find Persons Online

Although Google is not, by far, the most recommended and recommended service to find people online, it can help us. Once again, we have already obtained some information and are looking for additional help. On the other hand, when we still only have one email address, for example, we need some more detail to know where to start. But how can we use Google to find someone online?

The key is in the use of quotation marks. Why? Because if we want to search for ‘Fulanito López,’ for example, Google will return the most relevant results for ‘Fulanito’ and ‘López’ combined. However, if we write “Fulanito Pérez,” with the quotes included. We will be ‘forcing’ Google to search only for identical results to what we are asking. That is, it will only return results in which it appears, as is, “Fulanito Pérez” precisely in the order in which we have written it.

But we do not always have the first and last name of the person we want to find. Another way to locate someone through Google. Or to find more information online about a person, is with their email address. If we know this information, it is as simple as typing it correctly in the search engine and proceeding in a typical way. This search usually helps find out, from your email address, other information. Such as one of your profiles on social networks, or your name and surname, for example, through Facebook.

Though, the thing does not stop proximate. Since Google allows us to search for a person on the Internet from a photo or image of him. To do this, these are the steps we must follow.

  • We open a browser go to Google.
  • Click on the Images option, which displays in the upper right.
  • We click on the camera icon that appears in the search box.
  • Then select the Upload an image tab.
  • We click on the select file button, look for the photo of that person on our computer, and select the file.
  • They search, and among the Google results, we can see if images of that person appear. If we are lucky, we can find information about that person on any website, their contact telephone number. Or other vital information to achieve our goal or continue searching through the data obtained.

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