Despite its importance, many companies still do not know what computer security is and its significance. For this reason, this article will delve into this concept by offering a definition and explaining the need for companies to take care of their cybersecurity.

Do You Know What Computer Security is?

Computer security is the process by which unauthorized use of a computer system is legitimate and detected. In this way, measures to protect a company’s computing resources against intruders who have malicious intent or want to profit. It is also possible to prevent people outside the entity from entering this system by accident.

Indeed, this computer security is a term that belongs to information security, although in practice, they are bringing up interchangeably.

Such security encompasses various security measures, such as antivirus software, firewalls, and other users’ dependent actions.

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Areas of Computer Security

To better understand this concept, it is essential to know your areas. These are:

– Confidentiality: Only authorized users can access the resources, data, and information that the system houses.

– Integrity: that only those who have the permissions can modify the data when necessary.

– Availability: that the data and information are available only when this is necessary.

Authentication: In the system’s interior, there are a series of measures to ensure that communication remains done with who should be done and not with intruders.

Importance of Computer Security in Companies

Regardless of the activity of an entity, computer security is essential. Any company registers data on its clients and employees such as bank accounts, credit card numbers, passwords, documents related to the activity of the company company’s activity

Altogether of this must be well protected to preserve, on the one hand, the integrity of the company and, on the other, the personal and private data of individuals who trust it.

Why is it Important to Have this Security?

It is necessary to understand that a computer contains essential data. These devices are often the entry point for cybercriminals and can cause serious problems.

For example, an intruder can modify and change the source codes of programs, rendering them unusable. But you can also extract images or email accounts to create harmful content.

Specifically, it could include pornographic images established in the law as a crime, or it could create false profiles on social networks to discredit the company or its employees.

On the other hand, there will be criminals on the Internet who enter the system to spread viruses and render it unusable. And finally, it could erase important information that would harm the development of the company’s economic activity.

Therefore, to maintain control of all information, Internet security is essential.

Measures and Prevention to Maintain Cyber security

Primary of all, it must be clear that it is best to go to computer security experts who carry out an audit of the company and collect specific information. Based on these data, a security plan tailored to the entity can make this the most effective method to prevent external attacks on the system.

In any case, other necessary measures will talk over below to get a general idea of ​​how to protect a company.

  1.  Ensure the installation of legally acquired software: when the programs pay for on the official pages, they are entirely free of viruses or Trojans. Therefore, there is greater certainty that problems will not occur in the system due to something taken to the computer.
  2.  Antivirus suites: Include these suites following the system configuration rules to achieve complete adaptation of these programs.
  3.  Hardware and software firewalls: these are known as firewalls, and they help block unauthorized intrusions that try to access the network used or the computer.
  4. Use of complex passwords: many antiviruses recommend complex and lengthy passwords that are more difficult to crack by Internet criminals. It will make it difficult for a hacker to carry out attacks and may even prevent it.
  5. Be careful in social engineering: hackers can try to obtain data and information useful to carry out attacks through social networks.
  6. Perform cryptography focusing on encryption: this element plays a vital role in keeping sensitive and private information safe.

Now that it is better understood what computer security is. The only recommendation that companies can make is to put themselves in the hands of experts who create a personalized security action plan adapted to the specific needs of it.

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