For bettors that like to place wagers on horse racing, there aren’t many sporting betting opportunities that come close. Finding the winner of big fielded handicaps is one of the most rewarding wagers that bettors can place, as so much goes into finding the correct horse.

However, while real horse racing takes place around the clock on the leading sportsbooks, as the coverage of British, U.S, and Australian racing is deep, there is still also the opportunity to place wagers on the virtual action. But, what exactly is virtual horse racing, and could it ever reach the same heights of popularity as the real sport?

What Is Virtual Horse Racing?

Many of the leading sportsbooks now enable bets to be made on virtual horse racing. In the same way that you can bet the 2022 Breeders’ Cup online, you can also bet on virtual, NOT real races, developed by AI.

The betting markets you can find on the virtual sport are the same as you can find when betting on the real thing. However, the main difference is that the action that you’re betting on isn’t actually taking place at any course in the world.

Virtual racing is determined by computer technology, as the runners are determined their placings by an algorithm used by the sportsbook. Of course, before betting on the virtual action, you can still study the form, and examine the conditions, but the horses that you are betting on aren’t necessarily ones that have existed or raced in the past.

Has Virtual Horse Racing Betting Become Popular?

In short, yes. The world of virtual horse racing has become very popular over the past couple of years, as it allows horse racing fans to bet on even more races across some of the leading sportsbooks.

The sector saw a massive rise in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, as the number of real life sporting events was extremely low, which meant virtual action offered a release from day-to-day life during that period. That popularity has been maintained since sporting events have resumed, which is a testament to the experience that fans can expect to have when betting on the virtual action.

Another big factor that has helped virtual horse racing enjoy prolonged success has been the fact that it is accessible regardless of the time. Virtual action takes place throughout the day, and into the evening. That is unlike typical horse meets, which only run for six races per day at specific courses. The freedom to just log on to your betting account and make wagers on the action has ensured that popularity levels in the virtual action hasn’t diminished over the past five years.

Height Of Virtual Horse Racing Betting

It’s easy to say that virtual horse racing betting will never reach the heights of the real thing. Those that like betting on horse racing will continue to bet on the live action, and travel to watch the latest live action. It’s easy to make a case for virtual fans crossing over into the real sport than it is for diehard racing fans to start making bets on the virtual action.

It’s likely that we have already seen the height of the popularity of the virtual action, as the cancellation of the 2020 Grand National saw the virtual Grand National attract a great deal of interest. It was agreed by bookies that proceeds from bets made for that event would go straight to the NHS, and over £1 million was raised. However, the popularity of the real thing was evident the following year, as bookies revealed that the 2021 Grand National was the most popular sports betting event ever, with over £100 million wagered across all sportsbooks.

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