Friday September 29, 2023
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Technologyies looking for excellent writers to create articles and guest posts about application development write for us. However, if you have experience with these materials, would you like to share them with the audience?

Our readers are creators, marketers, and thinkers within app development. So we provide them with what’s new in the mobile apps.

Therefore, application development write for us, and guest articles become an exciting platform to highlight your ideas, products, services or anything relevant to that audience.

Please write to us about application development write for us to promote business and more. So, in short, Technologyies is a ranking site that will improve your skills and worldview.

So get ready to share application development tips with us.

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What topics do we accept guest posts on Technologyies?

Technologyies welcomes articles on topics such as application development write for us, app design, app marketing, and app events. In addition, tools and software are relevant to mobile apps. So we also recommend articles about your next latest app or major new updates you’ve implemented from your existing applications.

How can editorials be submitted?

You can email us at to submit your contributions.

Application Development- Overview

Application development is the process of designing, building, and deploying software applications. So this can be done by large organizations with large teams working on projects or by a single independent developer.

However, Application development defines the process of creating an application and follows a standard methodology.

So Application development related to the software development life cycle.

The primary stages of SDLC are:

  1. Planning
  2. Design
  3. Analysis
  4. Building
  5. Tests
  6. Implementation
  7. Support

Guest Post Guidelines:

• So we commend original, fresh and unique content on our platform. Besides, even if the article is published elsewhere, it will not consider.
• However, images provided along with the article/post must not be copyrighted.
• You must deliver the article in a formatted Word document. Please double-check these points before submitting your item.
• Articles must be 400 plus words and should focus on application development write for us, and guest posts. So if you want to insert a video, please provide a link to Youtube etc., in the Word document.
• Outbound links must be less than 4 per post. So if your article requires an additional outbound link, mention it in the email.
• Don’t forget to include links to your social media profiles and your organization (i.e., Do-follow link).
•  Please write an article that is easy to understand. Also, use as many subheadings as possible to clarify the content.
• It is necessary to estimate the length of the para. So don’t use more than four statements per article. However, write at least two lines at a time.
• So use different transition scenarios for your content. However, syntax errors not allowed.
• Copyscape content must not exceed 5%.

We check the posts that guest contributors followed the above-suggested guidelines. So we keep the right to edit or remove certain parts of your article to make it more readable.

However, the audience experience is well taken care of. So we encourage you to read some of the articles to understand the tone of our content.

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