First-person shooters like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive may seem straightforward enough, but there’s more to these games than blasting your way through the enemy. If you want to climb the CSGO ranks, you’ll need to work on your aim, master the ever-expanding arsenal, and get to grips with maps and callouts. Looking to give yourself a real edge? Read on for 6 tips on how you can start playing CSGO like a pro-level player.

1. Work On Your Aim

As with any first-person shooter, accuracy is everything in CSGO. It’s tempting to dive straight into competitive matches, but you’ll stand zero chance of securing a good rank if you don’t know how to aim and shoot accurately.To improve your aim, think about playing on maps that have been specially designed for this purpose. Once you’ve found a map geared toward aim training, it’s worth coming back to it from time to master this core aspect of CSGO gameplay. You’ll also need to master fast-paced shooting. Deathmatch mode is the perfect playground for this.

2. Practice with Basic Weapons First

There’s a ton of weaponry to choose from in CSGO. However, don’t waste your time and in-game currency on pistols and rifles just because they look impressive. Many beginners make this mistake and end up saddled with overpowered weapons that aren’t fit for purpose.

You’ll serve yourself better in the long run by picking low-powered alternatives that will help you master accurate firing. Looking for the perfect pistol? If you’re playing as a counter-terrorist agent, consider giving the Five-SeveN a try. When it comes to rifles, choose the M4A4. If you’re playing as a terrorist, consider the Tec-9 and AK-47 when putting the finishing touches to your loadout.

3. Use Your Ears

A typical CSGO match is overwhelming on the senses, but it’s crucial you know what’s going on around you if you want to emerge victorious. If you’re not using a decent headset, you’re not enjoying the same level of immersion as other players. This not only limits your enjoyment but also puts you at a significant disadvantage. You’ll almost certainly underestimate how much noise you’re making, which can quickly give your position away to the enemy. What’s more, a good headset is a must for any type of cooperative game. Need to invest in some new hardware? Headset models like the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 and Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless 7.1 are perfect for CSGO and other first-person shooters.

4. Play Around with Game Settings

To get the most out of CSGO, you’ll want to play around with game settings. First, focus on mouse settings. If you’ve been playing for some time and become proficient with controls, think about dialing up those sensitivity settings. You’ll also need to think about crosshair settings. Beginners tend to keep things simple with invasive crosshair displays. However, once you know how to fire accurately enough, it’s best to dispense with these so you can get a clearer look at what you’re aiming at.

5. Study Up on Callouts

You might think of yourself as a top-tier player, but if you want to come on top at CSGO, it’s all about teamwork. Communication is key when it comes to winning. It’s vital for creating a match-winning strategy. What’s more, you’ll want to stay engaged with your fellow players if you’re looking to take your team to the top.

6. Get to Grips with Game Maps

In CSGO, no two maps are exactly the same. Understanding the ins and outs of each of them is essential if you want to emerge as a pro-level player. Ultimately, you’re not going to be able to master every CSGO map. Instead, focus on a handful of them. Once you’ve chosen your preferred maps, you can work on familiarizing yourself with the layout, as well as useful techniques that take advantage of your virtual surroundings. You’ll also need to brush up on callouts to make communicating with your teammates as easy as possible. Need a primer? Find all you need with the CSGO callouts Dust 2 map at

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