If you are a collector of luxury watches, surely, you know what kind of watch to collect based on its features and designs. There are several watch brands that you can check out on the internet. One of the many luxury watch brands that already established a name is the Nomos Glashutte. Try to check some of the awesome Nomos Glashuette collections:

Nomos Glashuette Ludwig 251

Searching for the right luxury watch to add to your collections will not be an easy task. If you need an exquisite timepiece, you should check out the Nosmo brand. One of the most known Nomos Watches is from the famous Ludwig series. The Nomos Glashuette Ludwig 251 has several features to offer.

One of the key features of this model is that it comes with a jaw-dropping silver-colored dial. Also, the indexes of this model have alternating Roman Numerals with hands that are hued in blue. You surely need to check this model for future reference.

The case of the model is made up of stainless steel materials. Also, it has a transparent and round shape casing. The diameter of the container is 40 mm. Also, the height of the casing is 8.4 mm with a lug width of 20 mm. The band of the model is made from top-quality leather material.

To ensure an effective movement within the watch’s internal parts, it comes with a DUW 5001 automatic caliber with a diameter of 31 mm. The caliber is essentially the powerhouse of a watch. That’s why the caliber must be flawlessly made to ensure the internal parts move perfectly. The power reserve of this watch can last for up to 43 long hours!

This model has 26 jewels that ensure to reduce the friction within the watch. Thus, helping the watch to function better. If you like to have some sea-diving activity, you can use this watch as part of your sport since it can resist water from up to 30 meters deep!

Nomos Glashuette Tangente 142

Another great wristwatch from the Tangente series of the Nomos watch is the Nomos Glashuette Tangente 142. This model is one of those watches that you wish to be part of your collection. It will captivate your eyes from its physical features to its interior features.

It has a uniquely hued blue dial. The indexes of this watch are not similar to the Nomos Glashuette Ludwig 251. It comes with Arabic Numerals indexes. It has silver-toned and stick-style type-shaped hands, which makes it unique from other Nomos Glashuette watches.

It has a casing that is primarily made up of premium stainless steel material. It has a transparent back, similar to the previous model. The casing is round in shape and has a diameter of 38.5 mm. The height of the container is 7.2 mm and a lug width of 19 mm. The band is made from high-quality leather material.

The movement of the watch ensures the effectiveness of its function. Hence, this watch was installed with DUW 3001 Calibre and has automatic winding. The diameter of the watch is 28.8 mm with 27 jewels. The purpose of the jewels is to reduce the friction inside the watch. Thus, helping the wristwatch to function better.

When an emergency comes, the watch has a power reserve that can last for up to 42 long hours. The timepiece is also suitable for light sea-diving activity. If you need a timepiece for doing such an activity, this watch is good for you since it can resist water up to 50 meters deep!

Nomos Glashuette Club 777

Here’s another Nomos Glashuette from the Club series. The Nomos Glashuette Club 777 watch comes with excellent and elegant features. It has a blue-colored dial with Arabic Numerals indexes. It also comes with dazzling luminous silver-toned hands that make the timepiece more appealing.

The casing is made up of stainless steel material with a transparent back. It comes with DUW 5101 automatic dwindling and 26 jewels, and a power reserve of 42 long hours. The band of this watch is made from finely produced fabrics that ensure comfort to your wrist. I can also resist water for up to 200 meters deep!


Nomos Glashuette has never stopped producing a top-quality wristwatch. The three models from different Nomos Glashuette series showcase unique features. The astonishing watches from Nomos are different from other watch brands. You will know just by looking at it that it is worthy of being part of your collections.

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